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Council Adopts Strategic Planning Initiatives

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March 12, 2024


Since 2016, Addison's City Council has met annually to discuss strategic questions and identify key priorities for the Town. The last annual plan (FY 2024 Vision Statement, Strategic Pillars, and Milestones) was adopted by the Council through Resolution on April 25, 2023. The plan is used to assist with the annual budget development and propose the allocation of resources with Council-identified priorities, to guide staff and the organization's efforts, and to measure progress toward defined goals.

On February 8 and February 9, the Council met in a Special Meeting to discuss and develop an updated plan with the assistance of an outside facilitator and input from Town staff.

A new format for the strategic plan was introduced: 

  • Key Focus Areas (KFA): Key areas around which we build and focus our efforts and resources.
  • Strategic Objectives: Top ways that we succeed in our Key Focus Areas (~3-7 per key Focus Area).
  • Initiatives: Specific means by which we accomplish our Strategic Objectives.

Through the discussion, the Council developed KFAs and Strategic Objectives that were discussed during the February 27 meeting and formally adopted at the March 5 meeting. The KFAs are:

  • Public Saftey
  • Economic Development and Revitalization
  • Mobility and Connectivity
  • Infrastructure Development and Maintenance
  • Financial Health and Organizational Excellence
  • Community Engagement
  • Vibrant Active Community

You can find the formal resolution that includes the KFAs and Strategic Objectives here.

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