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Council Approved Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Amendment

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April 15, 2024


The Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 budget was adopted by Council on September 12, 2023. Each year, Finance staff reviews the budget to determine which items should be recognized with formal budget amendments. When budget variances occur that are outside the authority of the City Manager, these adjustments are presented to the Council in the form of a budget amendment.

The City Council approved the first FY 2024 budget amendment during its April 9 meeting. Notable changes include reallocations within the General Fund due to a compensation market study, increased funding for Parks Department personnel and equipment, agenda management and strategic planning software for the city manager's office, and police vehicle upfitting. Additionally, adjustments were made in various funds to address prior year encumbrances and accommodate grant receipts. The amendment aims to optimize resource allocation and support ongoing projects across different departments and initiatives.

You can watch the Council's budget amendment discussion here and read the presentation here.

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